Demo policy

I made this label for rather a selfish target – to release my own music. BUT! Here, other artists are also welcome! Please, contact me, if you wish your music to be released here. Also, please be sure, that your music satisfies these requirements, and if you agree with these conditions:

1) no usual music – no IDM, no dubstep, no pop, no darkwave, no r’n’b – this label is a place only for avantgarde – professional or homegrown, dark psychedelic collages – THIS IS A PLACE FOR SOUND MONSTERS.

2) you can get NO profit here – all music is free.

3) this kind of music is not popular, so, if you want your work to be known, use your own strength to distribute it, to make it known. My purpose was not in getting very much listeners.

4) before sending the music material – contact me, tell about yourself and your music.

5) for sending your material, upload it to Sendspace, or another service, but not with too many advertisments and stages of getting to the final download link :-).

6) all material is released in mp3 format (320 kbps).

7) if you want to get an idea, what music is needed here, please, listen to and watch the animation by Vince Collins “Malice In Wonderland”.

8) ONLY ONE release a month – not faster!!!

So, if you have something to release – please, contact me via kirillplatonkin AT yahoo DOT com.