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Willy Stamati – Place to Speak


This is a new release on Stars Can Frighten, performed by Willy Stamati, a Ukranian composer, who comes from Donetsk. This album is a part of his trilogy, “Place to…”, with “Place To Love” and “Place To Hate” as the rest of the parts. Here, in “Place to speak” Willy Stamati drags the listener into a noisy abstract sonic materia, using sharp textures, which are so characteristic of noise ambient.  So, enjoy this frightening place, and decide, if you can speak there…

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Willy Stamati on Myspace.

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Mystified – External Pulse


“‘External Pulse’ is an ‘audio monster’ in that it is full of atonalities. I decided to work against my more ambient sounds by using as source material an older noise piece. I stretched and processed the piece until it made a sonically dark canvas, then I added elements on top.”–Thomas Park, 2012

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Grove Of Whispers – Lake Of Fire

Here are some creepy drones from Grove Of Whispers (aka John Tocher). They are good to listen in the dark, with nobody at home. Enter the turbid and bizarre waters of Lake of Fire…

Lake of Fire is a live drone remix of Jed Hershon’s “The Nine Rings of Hell“. Edited from a performance on October 25, 2012.

Done live using midi controller and hackintosh. Music fashioned using the buddhalizer. A virtual extension of my imagination.

Grove of Whispers is John Tocher. John does the Sadayatana podcast and plays live several nights a week on Stillstream. He also releases dark and experimental music at Buddhist on Fire.

Cover adapted from a drawing by kruzul.

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K.Y.Platonkin – Irregularity

This is a starting release, made of different sounds, including prepared guitar, modified voices, field recordings, found sounds and so on. It is an example of some sort of “homegrown avantgarde”, or, maybe, dark psychedelia.


1) Glowing Objects In My Head (9:15)
2) Chase In The Dark (1:21)
3) My First Flight In The Open Space (10:24)
4) Master Of One Square Millimeter (4:22)
5) Birds Of The Underworld (3:03)

Total time – 28:25, 320 kbps.


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